Our Properties

Our investment stratgey requires properties being considered for investment to contain the following attributes.

  • The principal lease is for a long term, generally in excess of 20 years but preferably longer
  • The tenant covenant is of the highest financial quality
  • Rents are linked to RPI, CPI or contracted fixed uplifts
  • The nature of the property or its location, presents a unique or overwhelming reason for the tenant or a competiting tenant to ocupy.  We call this the “natural home”.
  • In the event of the “natural home” test failing, a property will have an obvious and financially rewarding, potential alternative use.

Long Term Index Linked Income

Long term, indexed linked income streams are one of the key features of Keills Property Trust.  Our investment strategy relies on all tenants occupying the properties held by Keills Property Trust. The property below is an example of a long (35 year) lease which is...

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Strong Tenant Covenant

One key feature of properties we invest in, is the quality of the tenant occupying the property.  Our strategy is to de-risk as many elements of property investment as possible and as such, a detailed credit rating analysis is made for each tenant.  This analysis is...

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The Natural Home

We insist a property represents the "natural home" of a tenant.  We coined the term "natural home" to reflect that the property and its location, has a feature that makes it at desirable and in many cases essential, that the tenant, or a competitor, operates from the...

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