Keills is an independent property fund manager.

It is owned and managed by its founding directors, Alan Howie and Andy Speedie, each with over 25 years of real estate experience in the UK and European markets.

The lesson of history is that you do not get a sustained economic recovery as long as the financial system is in crisis.

Ben Bernanke

3 elephants

Keills is a property fund manager and property investment, like any other form of investment, is subjected to the forces of the local and global economies.  As such, in our Monday Musings, we continually review what is going on in the wider economy and consider how that impacts on our investment strategy.

We believe that the economy is dominated and constrained by 3 overwheleming factors. Increasing healthcare costs, the forthcoming pension crisis both of which are set to increase in dominance as society ages.  The third is the inability to solve these issues due to the level of Global debt.  It is no longer possible simply to borrow our way out of economic problems.

We refer to these as the 3 elephants in the room and they determine our investment strategy.  While they are ignored, the wider economy and returns on investment will continue to be at risk to social, political and economic uncertainty and unrest.  Our investment strategy seeks to minimise the risks of uncertainty.

Monday Musings

Every Monday we review the week that was and make predictions on upcoming business events. Below is a selection of our most recent Monday Musings.

Our Team

Keills’ co-founders, Alan Howie and Andy Speedie have over 50 years industry experience behind them.

Recent Achievements

From raising funds for our RPI investment strategy to winning the 2016 International Fund Awards, our timeline looks at the significant moments in Keills timeline.

We strongly believe that Keills is not just about work, it is important that we participate in the wider community. Read More.

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