Our principal fund is Keills Property Trust and is open to UK Pension Funds (including SIPPs).


We have designed a low risk investment strategy which seeks long term value, together with secure, real (after inflation) income.  In doing so, we coined the term “RPI Property”, being properties where rents are linked to the Retail Prices Index, the Consumer Prices Index or contracted to known fixed uplifts.

We closely monitor the Retail Price Index.  For more information on the index we refer you to the Office of National Statistics via the link below.

Inflation and price indices

The Natural Home

We insist on tenants with the best credit rating covenant.  We also seek out what we term the “natural home”  where the existing or prospective occupier simply has no better property to call home.  Our properties either all have a compelling reason in terms of their location, for an occupier to need or want to be there, or have an obvious alternative use option should an occupier leave.

The result is steady as you go, solid, low risk returns.  Keills Property Trust is ranked 16th percentile in terms of risk, as measured by MSCI/IPD and is open to UK pension fund clients.

We will still be living in extraordinary times a few years down the road.

Mark Carney

Keills Property Trust is a member of the Association of Real Estate Funds the industry body representing property investment for UK Institutional Pension Fund Investors.

Keills Property Trust is measured by MSCI the leading global investment index analyst.  Our quarterly reporting details the risk/return profile of the Trust in comparison to other funds within the MSCI index.