We strongly believe that Keills is not just about work, it is important that we participate in the wider community

Andy’s six year tenure as a Trustee and Treasurer of Revive MS Support, a Glasgow based charity helping those who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis in the West of Scotland terminated in July 2018.  As treasurer, he led the board through a successful £1.5 million fund raising project, creating a new centre for the benefit of Revive’s clients.  #thenextstep The new centre is near to the neurology department of the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow.  The funds raised also provide running costs for specific projects over the next 3 years. 

Partick Housing Association

Partick Housing Association

Having developed an interest in Housing Associations by creating one of the first ever investment specialisms in this sector for pension fund investors in the mid 1990s, Alan welcomed the opportunity to join Partick Housing Association as non executive member of its board.

West of Scotland Rugby Referee Society

Now retired, Andy coached and refereed rugby union for 10 years, starting with Glasgow Accies primary 6 as coach and taking that group through to Glasgow Hawks under 16 and was a member of the West of Scotland Rugby Referee Society.

Bearsden Academy Board of Governors

Alan is the chair of the Bearsden Academy Parent Council.

gsa 117

For the last 4 years, Keills has held an art competition with the Glasgow School of Art.  This competition encouraged an interface between the business world and students of the School.  It was a challenging and rewarding exercise for all concerned.

The Glasgow School of Art is continually looking at new ways for students to interact with the community beyond the School and as such, we are taking a break from our competition while we explore other ways in which we may be involved with the students.  More details will follow in due course.


The beauty of the opportunity that Keills presented to our students here at The Glasgow School of Art was that it was a very simple, straightforward brief. It offered a challenge combining freedom of artistic approach with a concise and clear outcome. This meant that any student from across the School, irrespective of programme of study, who had a flair for drawing and a sense of wit, could have a go and produce something prize-worthy relatively quickly.

Libby Anson

Student Employability and Enterprise Manager, The Glasgow School of Art

Winners of Keills Art Competition

2017    Simona  Karavauskaite       BREXIT logo

2016    Josephine Lohar Self           3 Elephants cartoon

2016     Clara Hastrup                      Inflation animation

2015     Lili   Eichinger                     Turkey voting for Christmas cartoon

Our gratitude to the Glasgow School of Art

We are very grateful to the Glasgow School of Art for their involvement in promoting the competition and in particular to Libby Anson, Student Employment & Enterprise Manager.  Just after our prize giving in 2014, the iconic Mackintosh Library was destroyed in a major fire.  To support the recreation of this building visit The Mackintosh Appeal