Keills is establishing a network of contacts and consultants to better understand the requirements of investors in China, Korea, Japan and the ASEAN region. 


Korea is the first region where Keills has entered into a cooperative consultancy agreement with a Lead Consultant focused entirely on that country.

Dr Baekseok Song

Baekseok Song was selected as a British Chevening Scholar by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office in 1999 and in 2004 he was admitted to the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Political Economy by the University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

In Seoul, Dr Song has previously held the position of research professor in Korea University.  He has also worked as a chief policy advisor in a number of Korean political special committees on State Welfare and Planning.  Most recently, Baekseok has been chairing and presenting an academic discussion forum called ‘World Political Economy’ on Korea Open University Television.

Through his academic, business and political network, Baekseok has agreed to operate as Lead Consultant for Keills Limited in South Korea and is actively involved with a range of parties interested in learning about and gaining exposure to, the UK Real Estate market.

Baekseok can be contacted on  Tel 82 10 2204 8758