Quarterly Investor Reports

Quarterly Investor Report 30 June 2017 Economy & Strategy

Economics and strategy Time to catch our breath! As our last report was being issued, the Prime Minister Mrs May, had just announced that she was to hold a snap election.  There is nothing truer than the saying that a week is a short time in politics, as the current...

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Quarterly Investor Report 31 March 2017 Economy & Strategy

Quarterly Investor Report 31 March 2017 We have pleasure in providing our latest quarterly report where we explore the challenges facing the economy and the property market as the global political landscape changes.  In addition, we report the performance of Keills...

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Quarterly Investor Report 30 September 2015

Quarterly Investor Report Economy & Strategy Keills Property Trust | 30 September 2015 Great Muddle Through Throughout our investment careers, we have always made our best investment decisions when we have a clear view on where inflation is headed.  Get that right...

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